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The Herd - Johan Anderberg



In the spring of 2020, as a new and deadly virus rapidly spread across the globe, the world shut down. But a small country in Northern Europe, our beloved Sweden, remained open.

I have to say during at the start of COVID , on eof the kost discussed topics in our store (when we were open) was the Swedish approach to the pandemic. It was really interesting the different view points.

The Swedish COVID-19 strategy was alternately lauded and held up as a cautionary tale by international governments and journalists alike — with all eyes on what has been dubbed ‘The Swedish Experiment’. But what made Sweden take such a different path? And did it work?

In The Herd, journalist Johan Anderberg narrates this improbable story, guiding the reader through the history and practice of epidemiology, and the ticking-clock decisions that Sweden's pandemic-response decision-makers were faced with on a daily basis. Weaving past and present effortlessly, Anderberg has written a real-life thriller about a nation dealing differently with a global crisis.

About the Author

Johan Anderberg is a Swedish journalist and writer who has been a regular contributor to a number of Swedish and international media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal. His book The Herd, which chronicles the Swedish strategy to battle COVID-19, was published in Sweden in 2021, translated to English in 2022.


336 pages