Hetkinen - Smoky Sauna Scent


 Natural Finnish forest hand & foot bath

Would you love to have a traditional Finnish smoke sauna?

Smoke sauna is a traditional wood-heated Finnish type of sauna that has no chimney. Therefore, the smoke spreads directly to the steam room. With a scent drop, you can have the same feeling of a smoke sauna in every type of sauna. Choose the smoke sauna scent when you want a little break from the busy everyday life and want to sit alone quietly in the dark. The scent of smoke sauna is dark with scents of smoke, tar, and reindeer moss.

Add a smoky sauna drop to the water bucket and enjoy the aromatic and luxurious sauna experience.


Made in Finland

pyroleum pini, eucalyptus radiata oil, picea exelsa, picea mariana oil, isopropylidene glycerol, (potential allergens): limonene, linalool

Organic, Vegan