Nedre Foss

Nedre Foss - Ildhane Candleholder


We have dreamt of this item for a long time and now it is here in our store. AND it is even more beautiful than we had expected!

Designed by Norwegian Design Studio, Anderssen & Voll , the ildhane candlestick has an expressive shape that resembles a bird with a handsome tail. ‘Ild’ is Norwegian for fire and ‘hane’ translates to rooster. Ildhane is casted in solid GGG50 iron. The iron is powder coated.

Like all Nedre Foss items the Ildhane Candleholder is designed to last a lifetime and is equally as functional as it is beautiful. We love that!

It looks beautiful the middle of a dining table, on a side board or a mantle piece!

710g of GGG50 iron.
Base Ø80mm, H140mm.