Marimekko 2024 Emali Mini Unikko Turtle Neck - Black / Dark Grey


Everyone always comments on my Unikko turtle neck that I have been wearing for years, layered under dresses and jackets, and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you all!

The Emali organic cotton rib jersey turtleneck has a skinny fit and it is printed in the Mini Unikko pattern. The product contains 5% elastane.

I also love mine for hiking, cycling and oher outdoor adventures as it keeps me so warm and is so comfortable!

Unikko (poppy), symbolizing creativity, was born in a time when hardly any floral designs were included in Marimekko’s collections. Maija Isola, however, was fascinated by the theme of flowers and decided to create an entire range of novel floral prints.

Skinny Fit

59cm Length

95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 1964