Marimekko Acrylic Coated Cotton - Pieni Unikko (Beige, White, Dark Green, Blue)


The price listed is per 50cm of fabric

Please note we have identified a colour difference from Marimekko's description of this colourway. Marimekko have identified the fabric as Beige, White, Dark Green however we believe that the dark Green is closer to a dark blue in natural light. Please note this colour difference and contact us directly if you would like some further clarification on the colour.

The printed acrylic-coated cotton fabric features the Pieni Unikko pattern and a stain repellent acrylic finish has been applied on the top of the fabric. Thanks to the protective finish, the fabric is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Printed in Helsinki, it is perfect for tablecloths and no hemming is required.

This classic was created in 1964, after Marimekko founder Armi Ratia publicly proclaimed a ban on flowers in Marimekko fabrics. Artist Maija Isola defied the order and designed a whole collection of floral patterns that were so fresh and unique that Armi ended up taking eight of them.

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 2009

Fabric Width 145cm

Pattern Repeat 88cm

100% Cotton

How to Order Fabric?

- Fabric is sold in 50cm units - minimum order 50cm

- Increase the Quantity to increase the cut length of fabric.

Eg Qty 5 = 2.5m

- The fabric will be cut as one piece.

Please choose carefully as cut fabric cannot be refunded.