Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit Juhannus Finnsheep Blanket - White / Black


On my recent trip to Finland I was lucky enough to visit Lapuan Kankurit's mill where they spin, weave and make up all of their products with absolute love and commitment to the environment, the textile industry, their community and Finnish design.

When I heard about their Finnsheep project, I was so excited and so proud to be a small part of its success! Collecting wool from local farmers that would otherwise be disposing of this product and processing the wool themselves from fibre to the finished product. It is an enormously impressive project for a small family run business in the middle of Finland.

This lovely, soft and warm blanket was designed by Hanna Galtat. Hanna’s cooperation with Lapuan Kankurit began with the Aalto University's PatternLab project. Designed during the project, the JUHANNUS blanket was inspired by the increasing and decreasing of the intensity of daylight before and after summer solstice.

JUHANNUS-blanket contains local Finnsheep wool. 

This product is woven and finished in Lapua from wool yarn spun from locally sourced Finnsheep fibre, mixed fibre and certified Wool Integrity NZ fibre. The warp used is South American wool fibre spun in Europe. The wool is dyed with plant dyes in Lappajärvi, Finland.

Available in 2 sizes

100 x 150cm

140 x 200cm