Gustaf och Linnea

Gustaf & Linnea - Moominmamma Beeswax Lip Balm with Honey


Based on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland, Gustaf & Linnea are committed to developing more sustainable products from beekeeping that benefit both humans, animals and the environment. We love that at Pappa Sven!

Moominmother is the mother nature of the Moomindale, a safe base the others can lean on (nothing really works at all when the Moominmother is not there). The Moomin mother loves to grow and tinker in her garden, spreading a warm, calm and loving energy around her.

This silky lip balm softens and moisturizes your skin and lips. Created from beeswax and honey from bees that have flown over the Swedish  flora. Together with cold-pressed Gotland rapeseed oil, nourishing shea butter and a touch of vanilla aroma, it is the perfect rescue for chapped lips, dry hands or weathered cheeks.

We love the plastic free packaging, a highly durable and more environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.  Each piece is made by hand with care on Gotland by a small family business with a passion for sustainability. When you hold this lip balm in your hand, you not only have the best for your skin and lips, you also contribute to the spread of flowers and bees for a well-functioning ecosystem. The best for skin and nature, whether it's for yourself, your child or as a gift for a dear friend.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Plastic Free
  • Organic
  • Cruelty Free and Ethically Sourced