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Font & Flavour : Scandinavian Moments with Nordic Bakery


I am desperate to get myself to the Nordic Bakery someday. We have enjoyed many of owner, Miisa Mink's cookbooks in our store since we opened and love this new addition.

Nordic Bakery is a Scandinavian-style premium coffee shop loved for its Nordic cinnamon buns, coffee, and rye bread. The book tells the tale of how products are sourced and ideas conceived; it describes the design aesthetic, portraying the concept of mixing dining, design, and the way of the Norse people, bringing Scandinavian design and lifestyle from table to book.

The -face- behind the business is Miisa Mink, who comes from a successful career in branding and design and is also a passionate baker. Milla Koivisto is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, and artist with a focus on environmental issues.

Author: Koivisto, Milla

Format: Hardback

Size 30cm X 21cm 162 pages