Björkis Hund Produkter

Björkis Hund Produkter - Dog Collar - Colour Black


Björkis Hund Produkter are a family owned business in the very Northern Swedish town of Kiruna. Björkis first began in 1978, when the founders Ann & Sune Strålberg had their first child (our lovely friend Johanna) and they wanted to continue their ski trips and hunting with their dogs in Sweden's Lapland. They found the dog sleds that were available did not suit their child, or their dog so they decided to design and build their own. Soon more people in their village wanted a similar sled and they so they started production, which has continued now for over 40 years. Björkis design and manufacture sleds for leisure, hunting, racing and touring. They also produce reflective collars, leads and other dog related products.

We just love these very proudly Swedish dog collars, made by Björkis in Kiruna. Both our dogs wear them and they are very hardy.

25mm reflex band with padding

Sizes from 35cm - 50cm

The size is measured when the collar is in the collapsed position.

Machine wash 40 degrees gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry or dry in a drying cabinet.

Size in cm, collapsed mode