Marimekko Acrylic Coated Cotton - Tiiliskivi Design


The printed acrylic-coated cotton fabric features the Tiiliskivi pattern and a stain repellent acrylic finish on the top of the fabric. Thanks to the protective finish, the fabric is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

We love this fabric for tablecloths, as you can just wipe it down after your meal and re use :) . The fabric does not require hemming due to the finish on the fabric which essentially bonds the raw edge.

The fabric can be washed at 40°c and a cool iron can be applied on the wrong side of the fabric.

The Tiiliskivi (brick) pattern was designed by Marimekko's founder Armi Ratia. The pattern reflects her belief in the simple beauty of everyday life.

Pattern Designer : Armi Ratia

Design Year 1952

Fabric Width 145cm

Please note this fabric can be purchased in full metre and half metre increments. 

If you require 2.5m you can order

Qty 1m x 2  + Qty 0.5m x 1 and we will cut 1 piece of fabric at 2.5m

If you require 3.5m

Qty 1m x 3  + Qty 0.5m x 1 and we will cut 1 piece of fabric at 3.5m

Please choose fabric carefully as cut fabric can not be refunded. Please contact us directly if we can assist you with your order.