Dutch Soap Co.

Warm Eucalyptus Sauna Mood Soap


Sometimes we come across products that are just so perfectly suited to our collection, but they're not quit Nordic and we make some compromises. We hope you will forgive us and agree that the Netherlands really is close enough to accept!

The Dutch Soap Company, believes beauty comes from within and starts with healthy, beautiful skin. Which is why they make products from only the best ingredients without unnecessary additives that make your skin glow. 

We love the fact that all of these soaps are handmade from eco friendly materials and biodegradable packaging.

The 'Sauna Mood' bar soap has a relaxing, soothing scent of the sauna that you can now enjoy in the shower. Perfect for those of us that don't have the luxury of a sauna in our own home!

Eucalyptus has a lovely, sweet, minty scent without being sharp. It is known for its amazing, positive properties on the respiratory system. But it also works well for muscle pain, rheumatic diseases and flu. The scent of eucalyptus also protects against negative thoughts.

Ingredients; Sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium stearate, aqua, glycerin, sodium chloride, tetrasodium glutamate, diacetate, vitis vinifera, illite, perfume*, limonene, CI75810, CI77007 * of natural origin

Made in the Netherlands