Hardie Grant

STOCKHOLM Style Guide - Lisa Arnold


Stockholm, is my most favourite city in the world and certainly one of the most stylish on the whole planet, is not quite as accessible right now as it has been in the past. So why not sit down to a beautiful book and dream of this extraordinary city.

Take a guided kayak tour through Stockholm's waterside suburbs or stroll through the cosy laneways and inviting squares of Stockholm's city centre. One-third water, one-third green spaces, one-third harmonious architecture, Stockholm is a city of waterside promenades, canals and spacious parks, where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Malaren. Hotels, restaurants and even the tiniest vegan cafe, are stylishly and intelligently designed. From the fashion district to the city's boutiques, cafes, stylish restaurants and hotels, Stockholm Style Guide is the perfect book for anyone who is dreaming of this beautiful Nordic City.

Author Lisa Arnold has a degree in Scandinavian Studies and has lived in Stockholm since 2013. From there she writes on all things Scandinavian and as Foreign Correspondent.

Released March 2020

288 Pages