Smörgåsbord : Peters Yard


Effortless entertaining the Scandinavian way.

Traditionally served whenever family and friends get together, Smörgåsbords are a celebration of food and gatherings. They have always featured crispbreads (knäckebröd), which in Sweden are eaten like bread.

This collection of simple recipes reflects the modern, more informal approach to smorgasbords, so as well as classics, such as skagen (prawn salad) and citrus and spice cured gravadlax, it includes dishes such as fried chanterelles on toasted sourdough, barbecued zesty cod burgers and orange and ginger waffles with rhubarb compote.

There are two menus per chapter, each inspired by Swedish celebrations, but by no means clinging firmly to them. We hope you enjoy our new style of Smörgåsbord and find inspiration in these recipes and menus.

About the Author 

Peter Ljungquist is a quiet Swede who believes we are all happiest when we use our natural talents. He cares deeply about pursuing his passions and so joined together with friends including Swedish master baker, Jan Hedh, to discuss how he could revive traditional baking methods and recipes. Peter’s desire to turn away from commercial yeast and return to slower, more rewarding sourdough techniques drove him to open a small bakery in a typical Skånegård deep in the Swedish countryside.