Silke Bonde Looking Closer Collection - Blue World
Silke Bonde

Silke Bonde Looking Closer Collection - Blue World

$170.00 AUD

Based in Copenhagen, Silke Bonde's artwork is everything that we love about Scandinavia. Clean, calm and incredibly beautiful, with a strong connection to the natural environment.

Her new series of limited edition prints titled 'Looking Closer' is a collection which encourages you to take a closer look at nature and it’s elements. The collection is made with watercolors to match the organic shapes which you will find in nature. A minimalistic collection with a mix of straight lines and organic shapes.

Size 100 x 70 cm.

“Blue world” art print is printed on Munken Lynex Rough paper 170 g.

“The Blue world map is about getting an overview and to see the world as a whole. We are all living on the same planet and we live our lives in the same nature that is why we have to appreciate it and take good care of it. The “Blue world” artwork is made to encourage you to go out and explore the world and to discover it’s differences”.

Signed by Silke Bonde.

The art print is sold unframed and carefully packed and shipped in a cardboard tube to avoid damage during shipping.

Professional framing is available for Newcastle customers.