Sauna Fragrance - Birch 500ml


We are obsessed with the Finnish sauna culture at Pappa Sven and we are trying our best to share this 'northern form of meditation' with our Australian friends.

Emendo is a Finnish sauna and wellness company committed to creating sauna products from natural ingredients, produced in Finland. We hope they make your sauna moments even more enjoyable!

Sauna fragrance Birch will add a pleasant scent to your sauna and make the sauna experience even more enjoyable & feel just like you are in Finland.

The sauna fragrance contains natural birch extract and does not contain any synthetic perfumes.

Directions : Add ½ dl of sauna fragrance to water (3 l), throw over the hot stones of the sauna stove, enjoy the aroma and relax.


Aqua, Alcohol denat., Propylene glycol, Betula alba (birch) extract