Sägen Sweden - Berså Earrings
Sägen Sweden

Sägen Sweden - Berså Earrings

$195.00 AUD

The fairy tale of Sägen, a story of abandoned, porcelain treasures and precious memories. Swedish jewellery designer Elin Sigrén creates a brilliant blend of the past and the future by combining the artistic heritage of recycled porcelain and vintage details with contemporary Scandinavian design. 

Stig Lindbergs classic decor Berså, launched in 1961 for the Swedish brand Gustavsberg Porslinsfabrik. This playful decor have since then become one of Swedens most loved sets of china, and it sure is just as interesting now as then. This bright green leaf combined with silver, finds new life as a Sägen jewelry. A timeless and modern piece of jewelry that you will cherish forever.

Material: Porcelain and silver

Porcelain (middle): Berså

Factory: Gustavsberg

Designer: Stig Lindberg

Years in production: 1960-1974

Height 20mm 

Width 16mm