Pappa Sven

Reindeer Hide


Our reindeer hides are all imported from Finnish Lapland. An area above the Arctic Circle in Finland, where the sun never sets in Summer and never rises above the horizon in the Winter. A truly magical place, that we at Pappa Sven, have a great love for.

We only sell Premium Quality hides, which means that both the fur and underside are free of imperfections. Each hide is unique with its natural colourings and patterns, ranging from Arctic white and earthy browns to winter warming charcoals.

You will never find two hides exactly the same, making them even more special

All reindeer hides are a by product, from a very popular (and tasty) meat industry. It is also good to know that only the Sami people (the native people of Lapland) are allowed to farm reindeers.

Size: Approx 1.2m x 1.3m at the widest points

Please contact us directly if you would like a photograph of our specific hides.