Plasto Tipper Truck

Plasto Tipper Truck

$39.00 AUD

Plasto is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality plastic toys. 

All Plasto toys are manufactured in Finland. The toy factory was founded in 1954 and is located in the beautiful Åland islands (in the Finnish archipelago). 

This fabulous tipper truck in bright bold colours will bring hours of fun for someone in the garden, sandpit or at the beach.

Size 30cm

Some great things to know about Plasto...

All Plasto toys are manufactured of safe recyclable raw materials. There are no phthalates, BisfenolA, lead, cadmium or other hazardous chemicals in our toys. 

Plasto toys are all designed to encourage imaginative play and enables children to develop their own ideas. Plasto toys do not have sound, light or any other battery operated functions.

Plasto toys are made to last, they are very robust and sturdy. Which adds to the sustainability of this brand.

All Plasto products have the right to use the Finnish key flag symbol, which is an acknowledgement given to high quality Finnish products.