Marimekko Pieni Siirtolapuutarha 100% Cotton Fabric


Here is a small Finnish language lesson.

Pieni - Small

Siirtolapuutarha - Inner City Garden / Allotment

So Pieni Siirtolapuutraha is just a smaller version of Maija Isola's fabulous Siirtolapuutarha design, which we also love! Siirtolapuutarha is a brilliant line drawing which tells a tale of a journey from a bustling city centre to an allotment garden overflowing with flowers and vegetables.

This smaller version of the design is perfect fr smaller projects such as cushions, napkins, aprons and clothing.

Pattern Designer Maija Louekari

Design Year 2009

Fabric Width 145cm

100% Cotton 

Printed in Helsinki

Pattern Repeat 62 cm

Please note that the price listed is per 50cm length. Please increase the Quantity to select your total length of fabric. We will cut the fabric in 1 piece.

Eg 2.5 m = Qty 5 (5 x 0.5m = 2.5m)