Marimekko Kids Tasaraita T Shirt (Turquoise / Pink)

Marimekko Kids Tasaraita T Shirt (Turquoise / Pink)

$80.00 AUD

The Leuto t-shirt is made of cotton in the Tasaraita (even stripe) pattern. The shirt has a printed Marimekko logo in the front and ribbed binding at the neckline and sleeve ends.

The greatest thing about Marimekko kids clothes is that you know that they will be worn and worn and still passed onto a sibling, cousin or younger friend and worn again and again!

When jeans started to become increasingly popular among both women and men, Annika Rimala wanted to design a collection of cotton jersey clothes to go with jeans. For all denim lovers, regardless of age, size or gender. That’s how Marimekko’s first cotton jersey collection was born. Evenly striped, expressing equality.

Pattern Designer Annika Rimala

Design Year 1968

100% Cotton