Marimekko 100% Cotton Fabric - Pikkupakkanen


This cotton panama fabric in shades of white, green and fuchsia depicts a mild winter day when little birds ruffle their feathers in the bare berry bushes and children’s cheeks glow red from the crisp air. The pattern was designed by Maija Louekari in 2008.

What will we make with this gorgeous fabric? Some cute shorts, a little girls dress, some cushions for the couch ...

Printed in Helsinki.

100% cotton

Pattern Repeat 62cm

Fabric Width 145cm

Please note the price listed is for 0.5m . i.e $35 = 0.5m

If you would like a larger piece please just indicate in the quantity the number of 0.5m pieves you would like. 

Eg 2.5m = 5 qty (Total Cost = 5 x $35 = $175)