Marimekko 2024 Astrilli Mini Unikko Cotton Scarf


A simple way to brighten up a basic outfit.

The Astrilli bandana is made of organic cotton in the Unikko pattern. The Marimekko print text runs along the edges.

Unikko was created by Maija Isola in 1964 and has since become an international icon of print design. The founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, believed that it was not possible to faithfully capture the true essence of real flowers in print, which is why floral prints were earlier excluded from Marimekko collections. So, Maija Isola designed Unikko to be an abstraction of a flower rather than a photorealistic rendition. Today, Unikko is a powerful emblem of joy and creativity, seamlessly integrated into Marimekko´s design identity.

55 x 55cm

100% Cotton

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 2009