Marimekko 2023 - Reusable Gift Wrapping Cloth Bags Set of 2


We are always looking at clever ways to reduce our consumption and reuse products that would otherwise be considered as waste which is why we love these new gift bags from Marimekko.

This set includes two different sized gift bags made of cotton fabric. The reusable gift bag is tied shut with narrow ribbons. The Unikko pattern bags are made of upcycled leftover material from Marimekko’s production, meaning that each item is unique.

Please note: The image is only an indication of what you will receive as the gift bags are selected at random.

Unikko (poppy), symbolizing creativity, was born in a time when hardly any floral designs were included in Marimekko’s collections. Maija Isola, however, was fascinated by the theme of flowers and decided to create an entire range of novel floral prints.

Includes 1 x Large Bag (30x50cm) and 1 x Small bag (15 x 25cm)

100% Cotton