Marimekko Tiiliskivi Collection - Picnic Rug


The only advice we have for you not wait for this item to sell out like it did last time! You WILL be disappointed!

We love a good picnic and our favourite item is in fact our Marimekko picnic rug which we bought a few years ago! It is the perfect base for a beautiful picnic setting and you will treasure it forever! These also make a great gift for anyone that loves being outdoors!

Made from unbleached heavyweight upholstery cotton with a stain-repellent finish, this picnic quilt features the Tiiliskivi (brick) pattern. The quilt can be rolled up and fastened with a detachable leather strap.

The Tiiliskivi (brick) pattern was designed by Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia. The pattern reflects her belief in the simple beauty of everyday life.

145 x 160cm

Pattern Designer Armi Ratia

Design Year 1952

Made in Europe