Marimekko 100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric - Keidas Collection


Please note this fabric is sold in 50cm increments.

Increase the Quantity to increase the length and we will cut the fabric in 1 piece. i.e Qty 5 = 5 x 0.5m = 2.5m

I do feel like I say this ALOT, but Keidas is certainly one of my very favourite Marimekko designs. I have a skirt in this print which I bought in 2013 and it is still my favourite skirt I own!

Created in 1967 by Annika Rimala (also known for the wonderful Tasaraita Stripe) . Rimala drew inspiration from the youth culture of the time. Keidas (oasis) is very representative of the rhythmic patterns she designed in those years.

The printed unbleached cotton fabric features the Keidas pattern and it is printed in Helsinki. Imagine, just imagine this as the most beautiful tablecloth or what about a fabulous Maxi dress??

100% Cotton

Pattern Repeat 88cm

Fabric Width 145cm

Pattern Designer Annika Rimala

Design Year 1967