Marimekko 2022 100% Linen Jokapoika Shirt


Probably the most fought over clothing items in our house are my Marimekko Jokapoika.  I love them, my young adult daughters love them & I have a suspicion my husband loves them too!

They are just so easy to wear. The girls love them (and look fabulous) with their short denim shorts, I love them with jeans and we all wear them as the perfect beach shirt!

The Jokapoika shirt features the Piccolo pattern. The shirt has an oversized fit with a straight cut to the hip hemline with little side slits and a stitched-on chest pocket. Metal buttons secure the front closure and cuffs. 

In her first year at Marimekko in 1953, designer Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi created Piccolo, a striped fabric painted with freehand brushstrokes. Three years later, a Piccolo print shirt called Jokapoika became the first piece of Marimekko menswear to hit the stores and the streets.

Relaxed Fit

100% Linen

Length 77cm

Pattern Designer Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi

Design Year 1953