Marimekko 100% Cotton Fabric - Tuubiraita


A new seasonal design for Marimekko adorns this heavyweight cotton fabric. This heavyweight printed cotton fabric carries the Tuubiraita pattern in off white and black.

Jenni Tuominen has a background in graphic arts, and she is interested in combining different materials and using different techniques to print on paper. This interest was also the starting point for the Tuubiraita (tube stripe) design. Having found a piece of mosquito net in the attic of her summer house, Jenni Tuominen spread some ink on the netting and pressed it onto sheets of paper. The result was an intriguing net-like pattern which inspired the designer to experiment further with rubber and mesh mats. The surface so created was combined with stripes - and the Tuubiraita print was born.

Made in Finland

Pattern Designer Jenni Tuominen

Design Year 2018

100% Cotton

Fabric Width 145cm

Pattern Repeat 98cm

Please note the price listed is per half metre of fabric. Increase the Quantity to increase the cut length of fabric. The fabric will be cut as one piece.

Eg Qty 5 = 2.5m