Koustrup & Co.

Koustrup & Co - Fruit & Berries Card & Envelope Set


Koustrup & Co is a Danish family owned business creating a wide range of beautiful stationery. We have selected our favourites for Pappa Sven!

This beautiful collection of cards featuring Nordic Fruits & Berries are a beautiful gift. The fine illustrations are designed by Kirsten Tind an experienced Danish botanical artist known for her beautiful illustrations in books, posters and cards.

The cards are printed at a Swan-labeled company and made from environmentally certified FSC paper. 

The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.

The motifs on the cards:

Prunus domestica - Plum
Prunus cerasus - Cherry
Rubus idaeus - Rasberry
Rubus fructicosus - Blackberry
Fragaria x ananassa - Strawberry
Malus domestica - Apple
Malus domestica - Apple varieties
Pyrus communis - Pear

The card folder contains 8 double cards with matching envelopes.