Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk Soap 3 Pack


We are on a mission at Pappa Sven to reduce all unnecessary plastic & select products that are not harmful to our environment. Which is why you will no longer see pump soaps in our collection and a shift back to beautiful bars of soap.

This lovely pack of 3 soaps will make the perfect gift for, especially partnered with a Marimekko hand towel or Iris Hantverk Nail Brush.

The 3 soap varieities are carrot, almond and apricot scrub. Mild and creamy soaps that are scented with natural essential oils. The apricot soap has a scrubbing effect of apricot kernels and aroma of patcholy. Int he almond soap, we have almond oil and wheat bran and the carrot soap contains carrot oil.

Weight 473 g
Length 13,5 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 4,5 cm