In Patterns Marimekko - English Version


Of course this is an all time favourite book of ours, almost like a Marimekko bible!!

Richly illustrated with photographs and prints both classic and new, this vibrant volume offers a behind-the-scenes tour of the brand's creative process. A colorful legacy is revealed, along with the innovative creators—from 1950s pioneers to twenty-first-century masters—who have shaped the company's heritage and continue to make visual magic today. Rare sketchbook pages, in-depth looks at particular eras, and page after page of gorgeous designs make this a book sure to enchant anyone interested in fashion, art, or the patterned and color-drenched world of Marimekko.

In Patterns Marimekko shines a spotlight on Marimekko´s gems throughout the years and the people who designed them - from the first fore-runners to the master designers of the new millennium.

245 pages. In English.

The perfect gift for the Marimekko, or design, lover!