Ice Land - Betsy Tobin

Ice Land - Betsy Tobin

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Betsy Tobin combines masterful storytelling with a passion for Iceland and its fascinating history and geology.

Freya knows that her people are doomed. Warned by the Fates of an impending catastrophe, she goes in search of a magnificent gold necklace that will save her people from destruction. But to obtain the necklace she must pay a terrible price and sell herself to four brothers who created it.

Set in the year 1000 AD, Betsy Tobin's new novel is stepped in the history, geology and ancient myth of Iceland. The story unfolds in the shadow of Mount Hekla, a symbol of Iceland's turbulence as it enters a new millennium. While the molten earth beneath Hekla shifts and rises, so Freya's people are engulfed by their own moral weakness - lust, corruption and malice of every kind.

But Freya's actions result in unexpected consequences. When the necklace is stolen she must compromise herself even further. In doing she she finds the one thing she thought her people had forsaken.


368 Pages