I am Santa Claus - Heli Thorén
Cozy Publishing

I am Santa Claus - Heli Thorén

$50.00 AUD

Available for Pre Order Now. Due to arrive the Week of October 19th

We are so excited to be able to add this amazing collection of books from Finnish publishers, Dream Cozy, to our Nordic book store!

Finland is the home of Santa Claus and the most wonderful place to discover everything about him!

What is Santa Claus’s favourite food? Does he have time for a holiday? Why does he always wear red?

I am Santa Claus takes its readers on a journey to Santa Claus’s special place, Korvatunturi. In the book, Santa Claus talks openly about his life, dreams and moments when he’s particularly happy. Stunning illustrations bring Lappish nature and the daily life of Santa Claus to life.

I Am Santa Claus was written for all of us who believe in him. 

Story: Heli Thorén
Illustrations: Silja-Maria Wihersaari
Layout Design: Viola Minerva Virtamo