Pappa Sven

Howling Miller - Arto Paasilinna


A deliciously sinister Finnish fairytale of difference and belonging.

When Gunnar Huttunen turns up in a small village to restore its run-down mill, its inhabitants are wary. Gunnar is big. He's a bit odd. And, strangest of all, he howls wildly at night.

If Gunnar is different, then he must be mad, the villagers decide. Hounded from his home, he must find a way to survive the wilds of nature and the greater savagery of civilization.

The Howling Miller is a dark fairytale of community, conformity and our place in the world.
Paperback 288 Pages
About the Author
Arto Paasilinna was born in Lapland in 1942. By turns a woodcutter, agricultural labourer, journalist and poet, he is the author of over twenty novels, all of which have been translated into numerous languages.