FLORYD - Dishcloths


We are so excited to receive our very first delivery from Sustainable Swedish Design company, FLORYD. 

These fabulous dishcloths are both functional & beautiful, and they even make a lovely gift! They absorb 15 times their own weight. Since it’s made of cellulose and cotton, it is also compostable. The sponge cloth can be boiled and are washable up to 90 degrees Celsius in both dishwasher and washing machine. Printed with waterbased and environmentally friendly ink.

Everybody needs it and it will be used for a long time!

Material: 70% cellulose and 30% cotton (compostable) Size: 17x20 cm


Red summer cottages, dala horses, kur- bits, elks, midsummer, blueberries, lingon- berries, and in the middle of it all - coffee breaks. Because what Swedes really like is a coffee break!

FLORYD designs and sells products with a visible, graphical and colorful design with inspiration from our Swedish traditions, our nature, and the 50-70 ́s. Products are manufactured and produced in Sweden and in Europe.

FLORYD was established 2012 and is managed by My Floryd Welin, graphic and pattern designer.