Fiskars Scissors - Pinking Shearers - 23cm


If you ever go to Finland, we highly recommend that you visit the beautiful village of Fiskars. It is here that during the seventeenth century a number of ironworks were founded in Finland. The large tracts of forestland in the Pohja region along with its unharnessed water power and good water routes made it an ideal centre for the Finnish iron industry. The ironworks at Antskog were founded around 1630, and Billnäs followed in 1641. Fiskars was started in 1649, and today is one of the oldest businesses in the western world.

In 1967, Fiskars revolutionised the way the world saw scissors. Not only were their orange-handled scissors lighter, more comfortable and easier to handle than heavy forged scissors, they also delivered an incredible leap in cutting performance. Since then, over a billion Fiskars scissors have been sold worldwide.

- For a precise zig-zag cutting action which prevents fabric from fraying.
- Ergonomic patented handle for extra comfort and control.
- The extended lower blade makes continuous cutting easier
- High quality stainless steel blade.
- Long-lasting cutting performance.
- Cut thin and thick fabrics, varying from light & delicate silks to heavy tweed.
- Right-handed.
- 23cm