Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day Linen Robe - Grand Design


We have a confession, we bought this item purely to fulfill our very own wishes as we have dreamt about it for years!

This lightweight robe made from 100% linen, in Fine Little Day's signature Gran Design, is the perfect companion this summer. It is the perfect weight for wearing around the house, or by the beach especially if you are dreaming of swimming in the Finnish archipelago. And if you are lucky enough to have a sauna it is perfect for going between the sauna & the sea!

Comes with two front pockets and a removable belt.

Size Small

Design  Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day
Technique  Double jacquard weave
Material  100% washed linen, 240 gsm
Color  Sand/White Care  
Machine wash 40°C
Made in  EU
Other  Shrinkage 3%