Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day - Bicycles Tray


We have become completely obsessed with trays of all shapes and sizes in our store, especially now that we are enjoying picnics on a regular basis!

These lightweight plywood trays are made in Sweden and slot in perfectly on the side of your picnic basket!  While they are great for serving food & drinks, they also becomes a beautiful feature in the kitchen, a piece of art in itself.

Original drawing Bicycles with acrylic and crayon by Elisabeth Dunker.

Fine Little Day trays are FSC-marked which ensures that all registered forest plantations only cut down trees according to very strict norms and regulations. Also the rights of the local inhabitants and forest workers are respected. When you choose a FSC marked product you show that you care for our nature and environment, just as we do. Thank you!

Design Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day

Size 43×33 cm / 17×13 in

Material Laminated birch

Color Pink/multi

Care Hand wash, do not immerse.

Made in Sweden