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Eduards - Leather Braid Bracelet - Black


Designed by architect / designer Cecilia Eduards, the Näver Collection, is inspired by Swedish nature and traditional Nordic craft- and building techniques. The Näver Collection is Cecilia's contemporary interpretation of the traditional birch bark braiding method used for centuries in Scandinavia.

We have loved this collection for many years and they are stocked in all of our favourite stores in Sweden, Norway & Finland. We decided it was only right that we should also have them here at Pappa Sven. 

These gorgeous Braid Bracelets combines the beauty of a plain leather strap with a traditional closed-end mystery braid. The Braid Bracelet is 1,5 cm wide and closes with two poppers - use only one for a larger and two for a smaller.

Size approx. 17,5-18,5 cm when new.

The bracelet will stretch and adapt in shape when used.

We love the qualities of vegetable tanned leather and all Eduards products are left untreated for you to wear in. Black is a traditional dye-tanned leather, the colour is given in the tanning process which creates a deep colour. This provides us with a high-quality leather that is not as affected by sunlight and moisture as the non-coloured Nature-leather.

Leather is a material that tells a story. Marks and colour variations are natural and regarded as proof of authenticity, not as flaws. Small variations from the handmade process guarantee that each and every item is unique. Rain and moisture can change the structure of the leather, whereas sunlight can affect the colour of the leather. If you want the leather to age naturally, just leave it untreated. If you prefer to give nature a little helping hand to make the leather more resistant against the elements, we recommend organic leather treatment. Always start by treating a tiny area and see if you like the result before you treat the whole item. Treat it well, and it will accompany you for years.

Handmade in Sweden: All Eduards Accessories' products are designed by an architect and handmade in Sweden by skilled leather craftsmen.