Dishcloth Card - Red Moose
Nordic Designs

Dishcloth Card - Red Moose

$15.00 AUD

This quirky idea is invented and designed by Swedish artist and designer Anneli Asplund.

"Disktrasekort. Kortet du kan krama" translates to "Dishcloth card. The card you can hug [squeeze]". The word "Krama" in Swedish means hug, but also squeeze.

With this product you have a gift, a card and a brilliant message all in one!

Size: 18 x 20 cm.

Material: Made of 100% natural cellulose. It comes wrapped in cellophane with a matching paper envelope and a piece of notepad paper where you can write your message.

Care: The dishcloth can be washed in a hot wash over and over and when it is time for retirement, simply put it into your compost.