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Classic Nordic Recipes : Simple Meals the Swedish Way


Traditional Nordic fare sure has stood the test of time and its simplicity, few ingredients and reliance on local seasonal produce. In Classic Nordic Recipes, Swedish native Berit Öström shares the classics and family favourites that she still cooks and loves today.The Number One rule of a Smörgåsbord is not to try and sample everything at once but to take your time; the same philosophy applies to the delectable recipes in this book. From mains to drinks, desserts and fermented favourites, there’s something for everyone and something for all occasions to enjoy.Berit is a native of Stockholm, Sweden but now calls Melbourne, Australia home. Her love for the traditional Swedish food of her childhood has never waned and to her delight this food is still as popular as ever and served in the home, schools, restaurants and cafes all over Sweden. This is a collection of her and her family’s favourite foods - from savoury gravlax to the silky soft semolina bake, from pickled herring to sticky gooey chocolate cake.

Author: Ostrom, Berit

Format: Paperback

Size 24cm X 21cm 128 pages