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Book - Open Sandwiches - Trine Hahnemann


We have enjoyed many cookbooks by Danish chef & author, Trine Hahnemann over the years and this is a lovely addition to our collection.

Smõrrebrõd are the classic Danish open sandwiches and in the hands of chef and food writer Trine Hahnemann, they are a treat for the senses as well as the taste buds. Traditionally using a rye bread base, they can be topped with a huge variety of vegetables and pickles, fish, meats, herbs, salads _ and can even include sweet options. Trine offers 70 recipes for delicious, healthy open sandwiches that are beautiful enough to serve at a dinner party or simply make a quick and filling snack using leftovers. From quick-cured salmon to blue cheese with apple, the delightful recipes are accompanied by photographs from acclaimed Danish photographer Columbus Leth.

About Trine Hahnemann

Trine Hahnemann is a Danish food writer and chef. As the owner and CEO of Hahnemanns Køkken she provides about 3000 daily lunches with her team in private and public companies in the Copenhagen area. The company focuses on providing good and sustainable lunch.

As chef and food writer, Trine is an advocate for sustainable solutions, organic sourcing and food cooked with love. Trine spends her time cooking, writing and traveling, and is, through the recognition of her work, able and fortunate to communicate her message across the world, which she has been doing frequently for many years.  She has talked and cooked at TEDxKrakow and at The Nordic Council of Ministers event at Rio+20. She is the co-founder of the on-going Rye Bread Project launched in NYC. Furthermore, Trine is the co-author on a book about Syrian culture and food, and in that connection, Trine works with young Syrians in Denmark to spread the joy of Syrian food. 

Trine has written 10 cookbooks in her native Danish and 7 in English. The Scandinavian Cookbook (2008), The Nordic Diet (2009), Scandinavian Christmas (2012), Scandinavian Baking (2014), Scandinavian Comfort Food (2016), Open Sandwiches (2018) and Copenhagen Food (2018) . Please contact us directly if there is a book that you are looking for and we will order it infer you at Pappa Sven.