Book - House - Helen Pitt

Book - House - Helen Pitt

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Winner of the Walkley Book Award in 2018

I initially bought this book for personal reasons as my father worked at the Sydney Opera House as a Fitter & Turner for 35 years, retiring in 1993. But I loved it even more reading about the upbringinging of Danish architect, John Utzon, and his involvement in Scandinavian design. And then the story behind the Sydney Opera House itself ...

Winner of the 2018 Walkley Book Award

Helen Pitt tells the stories of the people behind the magnificent white sails of the Sydney Opera House. From the famous conductor and state premier who conceived the project; to the two architects whose lives were so tragically intertwined; to the workers and engineers; to the people of Sydney, who were alternately beguiled and horrified as the drama unfolded over two decades.

With access to diaries, letters, and classified records, as well as her own interviews with people involved in the project, Helen Pitt reveals the intimate back story of the building that turned Sydney into an international city. It is a tale worthy of Shakespeare himself.

Publish Date August 2018

432 Pages