aarke Organic Tonic Mixers


We are so excited to be representing aarke, at Pappa Sven. For those of us that have always wanted a soda stream but haven't like the look of them in our kitchen, this is the ideal solution!

The collection of organic tonic syrups is developed in collaboration with the Swedish micro brewery Ekobryggeriet. The syrups can be used to mix with sparkling water and could be enjoyed straight or be used in drinks, such as gin & tonic.

The syrup is 100% organic and contains natural flavours with a nordic twist. The bitterness of the tonic is derived from the quassia tree instead of the more commonly used quinine. The bark of the quassia tree contains quassin, a substance 50 times more bitter than quinine. In fact, it’s the bitterest naturally-occurring chemical known to exist.

The collections consist of three different flavours; Bitter, Spruce shoots and Rhubarb.

Bitter Tonic Syrup 
This is a classic tonic. A taste most recognizes, just a little more fresh and
with a touch of citrus. Completely organic of course

Spruce Tonic Syrup
Two thirds of Sweden’s surface is covered with forests. A very large part of the Nordic forest consists of Spruce trees (Picea Abiens).

This organic tonic is flavored with freshly picked spruce shoots which gives it a fresh and subtle spicy tone.

Oh so Swedish Summer ,the taste of rhubarb? This organic rhubarb tonic fits perfectly as a base in non-alcoholic drinks. All year round

Additional aarke water bottles and a sparkling water makers are also available at Pappa Sven.