aarikka - Elf Soccer Player


After all the excitement of the Football World Cup this year we just had to include Aarikka's soccer elf into our collection.

”That’s a goal!” cheers Elf Soccer Player, excited. A small gift, fit for a soccer fan, is being wrapped, but a little ball play can’t hurt anyone. Maybe the rest of the Elves would like to join a fun game of soccer?

Elf Soccer Player, clad in red, is wearing a red hat, next to a small soccer ball. 

Aarikka’s elves are perfect as a decoration on a dinner table, as an arrangement on the windowsill and of course as a gift for lovers of high-quality handicrafts from Finland.

Material: Maple, felt, polyresin

Height 9 cm

Handmade in Finland.

Avainlippu Tehty Suomessa Made in Finland