FLORYD -Kids Blueberry Blanket - 65 x 90cm


We are so excited to receive our very first delivery from Sustainable Swedish Design company, FLORYD. 

Made from 100% Norwegian wool, these gorgeous blankets are the perfect gift for a newborn. Featuring the, ever so Nordic blueberry, we love the retro style of this blanket.

100% Wool

65  x 90cm


Red summer cottages, dala horses, kur- bits, elks, midsummer, blueberries, lingon- berries, and in the middle of it all - coffee breaks. Because what Swedes really like is a coffee break!

FLORYD designs and sells products with a visible, graphical and colorful design with inspiration from our Swedish traditions, our nature, and the 50-70 ́s. Products are manufactured and produced in Sweden and in Europe.

FLORYD was established 2012 and is managed by My Floryd Welin, graphic and pattern designer.