Marimekko Winter 2020 Pala Taivasta Mug

Marimekko Winter 2020 Pala Taivasta Mug

$32.00 AUD

Arriving in Newcastle the week of June 9th

Some things stay forever and others are just here for a while. Marimekko's Winter 2020 collection is divine, but once it is gone it is gone. We can't order any more !

The Oiva mug features the Pala Taivasta pattern. It is made of white stoneware that is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer proof.

Pala taivasta (patch of sky) reflects a yearning for the sun. This exuberant pattern vividly evokes the paradisal atmosphere of the tropics – you can almost hear the birds twittering and see all the wonderful exotic flowers and a patch of sky between the trees.

Diameter 8cm

Height 9,5cm

Volume 2,5dL