Book - Karlson on the Roof - Astrid Lindgren
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Book - Karlson on the Roof - Astrid Lindgren

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 A lovely read by the much loved Swedish Author, Astrid Lindgren.

'On the ordinary roof of an ordinary house lives an extraordinary man : Karlson! He's the world's greatest at EVERYTHING (he says). Best of all, he has a propeller on his back and can fly! Soon Karlson and Smidge (who lives inside the house) are firm friends. 

Zoom through their adventures with them and find out if they can tackle some thieves, scare some scoundrels, put on a magic show and, most importunity of all, persuade Smidge's parents to give them a puppy.

Readers will also enjoy Karlson Flies Again and The Worlds Best Karlson!

Author Astrid Lindgren

164 pages

First published as Lillebror och Karlsson pa taket  , 1955

Astrid Lindgren was born in Vimmerby, Sweden in 1907. In the course of her life she wrote over 40 books for children, and has sold over 145 million copies worldwide. Many of Lindgren's stories re based upon her memories of childhood and they are filled with lively unconventional characters. Probably the best known is Pippi Longstocking, first published in Sweden in 1945.