Come to Finland

Come to Finland - Turku Åbo Poster 1965


About the artwork

Turku was the original capital of Finland, before being moved to Helsinki in 1812 under Swedish rule. Finnish artist Martti Mykkänen has really captured the essence of Turku in this travel poster from 1965 – its history, culture and the archipelago – in a modern and suggestive way.

About the product

This is Poster de Luxe! It belongs to the Custom Print series  in Finland on high quality FSC certified matte paper. The latest printing technique with its 12-color system guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding, and the poster will last for many generations.

The poster is delivered in a durable poster tube. 

Artist Martti Mykkänen

Originally Published 1965

Poster Size 50 x 70cm